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Chopping Wood

At STEY we approach work the same way we approach chopping wood. 



It's not all about force. It is all about striking in the right place. Selecting the right location to develop a property is key. Preparation and analysis help determine the best location for a projects future appreciation. 


Your ax is you. You are one with the tool. Respect it and keep it sharp. Our executives are experts in their fields with years of experience, constantly refining their skills. Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their constant effort and dedication enable us to build stable and long-lasting relationships. 


Each piece is different. Some will give way with one blow. Others, – you’ll have to turn over and hit with the back of the ax head. Those are the victories you’ll remember. We have no standard approach to a project. We understand that every venture is unique. Not every development is a simple one and at STEY we embrace the challenge. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have developed an extensive list of contacts we can rely on for a successful project execution. 


The chopping block matters. Low, flat, hard and wide. Steady and stable. It should stand the test of timeOur work is timeless, incredibly durable and always high in quality. We strive for maximum resource utilization in consideration of our social and environmental responsibility.


Listen to the sound as the ax meets the wood. There is a lot to be learned from that. Every accomplished project is a lesson in itself. The experiences we have and the contacts we make along the way only strengthen our next venture. 


I know of no machine that can chop wood. It is one person and one swing at a time, over and over. At its core, real estate development is a people business. For us, customer satisfaction always comes first. Over 7 years we have paved a solid foundation in successful customer relations. 


Chopping wood is very important. Our house needs wood to last the winter, to keep the cold away. We chop wood not for sport but of necessity. Respect that. The properties we develop are peoples homes, offices and places of leisure. We understand, respect and accept that responsibility.


The wood has to be stacked – you have to measure it all. In the end, we are measured by the total of all our combined works. Therefore we make certain that each development meets our highest standards.  

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